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June 25, 2006



This wash bag is quite cool - it has a self pocket too? Glad you found something for your cotton glace.


That's so pretty, Françoise :) I really love the colour combination you chose.
Have a wonderful week :)


I love the striped fabric, these are colours and pattern I really like. Mixed with your single colour blue fabric makes it look fantastic, much more interesting than plain stripes. This is such a great bag again, I adore your way to mix and match and embellish those feminin small things.
One question about wash bags: I often seen them in home style books, and they are so nice and showing wonderful fabrics, but for what things are they used for? I mean, what is filled into them in your bath room or are they just for fun, to brighten up the room itself? I think they are not very common in Germany, I had never seen them in a shop or book here. Maybe I am too practical, but I want to have them also, still not knowing what to keep inside. So it would be wonderful to get your advice.


It's lovely (and quick!). Can't wait to see what you're knitting. I'm tryijng to think of patterns out there on the www suitable for glace.

le chat qui coud

nice nice nice....


C'est tout mignon ces petits poissons et leurs bulles en perles !


How pretty! I love the sweet little bubbles coming from the fishes. :)


Trés bonne idée la Miss !


I really like your marine wash bag too, but what do you use it for. I have never seen one in Australia. We have a sponge bag to take to camp or away, but a wash bag?? A mystery to me!!


I love the bag, but mostly I'm amazed that your wash would actually fit into it! - or maybe it's for something other than I imagine. Here in the states it would be for the dirty bathroom laundry - towels and such. Is that what you're using it for?

Anyhow, very cute!


Tu es en train de devenir l'as du sac! C'est trop mignon!


c est trop mignon! tu as du talent, c'est sûr!

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