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May 02, 2006



wow! a bag swap. sounds like so much fun. and not to mention the possibilities of bags you can make and will receive!


Deadline end June is good - so you'll be able to take a look at the bag book before deciding. Can't wait to see the knit bag, especially since it's going to be a uniquely created one-of-a-kind bag. So there's going to be lots of green going on in blogland for May. It's quite fun following the spectrum, even though I'm not taking part.


You have plenty of time, don't worry! I might just knit something green this month, it's quite a trendy colour at the moment, lots of girls wearing it in London.


I love May,too!I look foward to seeing your project.and thanks for your comment in Sew?I knit


It is nice to create something with just a plan in mind. Please post the photos of your bags, I would love to see them. I made a bag last year, I started with a pattern then decided to go in a slightly different direction (ie: the bottom from one pattern and the top from another with a little of myself added here and there).


Quelle organisation! Quelles jolies choses es tu encore en train de concocter cette fois?

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