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May 17, 2006



it is just beautiful! will you publish the pattern?


the bag looks fabulous!! the details are amazing.


Stunning! And you had to hand-sew the beads? That took patience and remarkable determination. Very, no, supremely, well done!


Fab bag! Love all the special details that you have taken such care with.


Great looking bag! I like the color and pattern.


That bag is to die for! Clever girl! Hand sewn beads and a beautiful button for the closure. That is a real winner!


Your bag is very Wintry - you're right!! It looks like it needs to be taken ice skating with a Victorian Miss!! The details are divine!!!


It's beautiful! I love the picot edging and the ribbons! The traveling stitch and the beads are wonderful too! I can't say enough about how much I love the pattern. Will you be publishing it on your site?


Ce sac est ravissant! et quel souci du détail! il aurait été parfait pour le swap, mais, hum, tu as tout aussi raison de le garder pour toi, il faut savoir se faire plaisir de temps en temps ;)


je suis épatée, chaque fois, par ton sens du détail! Françoise : la reine du petitdétailraffinéquifaitoutlecharme... Je comprends que tu aies envie de le garder ce ravissant petit sac.

le chat qui coud

this bag is beautiful.... don't hesitate to use it for the swap....!

le chat qui coud

In the album "to sell or swap" i've seen the boof "crochet bag and rug" or thinks like that... Do you sell it or swap? I love swap but i don't know if I have something you are intersted in...?
Please let me know!


This bag is great. The color and pattern is fabulous.Tes idees sont formidables..C'est toujours un grand plaisir de visiter ton blog...


Il est magnifiquement sompteux !


Eh bien moi aussi je le trouve absolument splendide, ce sac, au point qu'il me ferait oublier tous mes prejuges concernant les sacs au tricot (comprendre, sacs en tricot non bouilli) ! Et comme Anna, je ne peux pas m'empecher de me demander si (et d'esperer que !) tu en partageras le patron avec nous...
En attendant, je me contente d'admirer ! :-)


It's beautiful! I am in awe of your sewing all those beads on by hand. I hope we get to see the pattern...


It's lovely and the details are beautiful! I've been searching for bag patterns that doesn't involve felting and you've definitely inspired me to knit one some day :)


Il est rafiné, il est beau, j'adore ses petits détails (perles, boutons...)


raFFIné, pardon !


Ton sac est magnifique, Françoise! Je n'aurais pas été fachée de le recevoir, mais comme dit Sandra, tu fais bien de le garder pour toi! On n'est jamais mieux gâté que par soi-même! ;0)


wow, what a great bag, and all of that detail! I think this would have made a lovely present as well. I can't wait to see the sewn bag!


I love it! It is gorgeous. The colour is beautiful, and the pattern lovely.


Fabulous! And the details you added are perfect touches.


Il est magnifique ton sac, je l'adore ! Très beau et très raffiné avec ses perles et ses rubans, vraiment bravo !!


Your bag is absolutely beautiful, Françoise! So feminine and original. I can't believe you stitched those beads one by one - what a work of love! Oh, and that ribbon - adorable.

Passe un bon week-end, Françoise !


Wintery or not -it is one beautiful bag Francoise. It is so unusual. I love the beads and the ribbon detail. Just gorgeous - thanks for sharing with us.


Absolutely beautiful!


Comme il est beau ! J'adore la couleur, les petits détails trés chics. Bravo la Miss, t'es une craque !


What a gorgeous bag - isn't it lovely when a project turns out so pretty?!


Oh I could never swap that bag - it's gorgeous!!! Your poor swapee, although I'm sure you have something equally lovely in store.


Wow what a fab bag - I'm glad you got to keep it in the end - so beautifully done.


Ce sac est magnifique ! Quelle bonne idée...


yes - publish the pattern! it is just delightful.


That is gorgeous!


Superbe réalisation !
J'aime beaucoup...
Quel talent
Bravo !!!


Francoise, that is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to receive that in a bag swap - but I think you should totally keep it for yourself. Beautiful work.


It's absolutely stunning, just the right balance of beading. Are you going to be publishing the pattern?


Such a beautiful bag. I love the dark, picot edging. It's feminine without being overly girly.


Ce sac est magnifique ! J'adore le point, j'adore la forme, j'adore la couleur, j'adore la petit touche de noir... et j'adore les petites perles glissée...


This bag and photo looks like something out of a Japanese craft book, its gorgeous!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your bag!!! So wonderful!! Congratulations!!


It looks beautiful! Lovely detail. :-)


Thanks you for a really cute pattern! I had to have it because... not only did I like it, but we share a name. ; )


Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful pattern!
I'm such I will knit it after few projets I have!


SOOOO wonderful, beautiful!! I love your bag,



Ce sac est magnifique ! Je ne sais pas pourquoi je ne l'ai pas remarqué avant parce qu'il me semblait que j'avais déjà regardé tout ton blog .
Je l'adore ! Vraiment , félicitations , c'est une très belle création !

guyot sylvie

pouvez vous me donnez le site ou vous avez trouvez ce modele

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