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May 09, 2006



I just found your blog! Beautiful! I love the art work you put in often and wonder about its source! Sewing is a pastime of mine, too, but working with a Japanese pattern is not something I have tried. Good on you!


Looks like there's some lovely bags in that book. Love the shawls in that shawl book, but the very eighties photos are awful! I've seen a few of these on various blogs, and they look stunning. One of those shawls is on my to-do list.


So intriguing - buttons and embroidery floss and an unpronounceable shawl!


Bonjour Françoise! I came here from the Big Bag Swap website. How delightful to see that you write in English on top of it all! (I'm an English Lit teacher & PhD student... you bet I love the language!)

How funny, I nearly bought that Japanese bag book the last time I ordered from Yes Asia...

I shall definitely have to bookmark your blog and explore it some more! For now I really need to dash ;)

le chat qui coud

from wich wave are you? (i mean for big bag swap)....
It's a great adventure, isn't it?


For YOU to find something unpronounceable. . . I can't even imagine the rest of us trying!

So glad you had a warm birthday. You sound very excited about all your projects --- good for you!!


Such lovely buttons, the ones with the flower-shape. And those books are looking very nice, isn´t it a good feeling to find exact the instruction for the item you was looking for? Can´t wait to see a picture of your maybe-new-named-shawl and the first itsy-bitsy-peeks of your finished bags.


Looking forward to seeing your new shawl beginnings. I have not seen that book before - I shall have to try and see if anyone local stocks it to take a look. Glad you are settled on a bag now - great buttons too by the way.


I think you are very brave for considering the shawl. I am really looking forward to reading about and seeing your progress as I am intrigued by how they are made. It looks really difficult. I love those buttons.


I love the blues in the post! The picture of the thread and buttons and fabric makes me want to pick up my sewing projects right now...except that I am still stuck at work. Sigh. Can't wait to see your shawl!


A belated Happy Birthday to you (and Mother's Day.)
I love May as well, my birthday is May 11th.

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