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April 26, 2006



That's adorable! I have a sewing machine but I don't know how to use it... I know, I'm hopeless. I never took Home Ec. at school :) But I have grand plans to enrol in sewing classes when I've moved and settled in my new house!


Love it and as you know there is nothing more endearing than a happy bunny!


aww, what a cute cover!!! i have been wanting to make one for my machine as well.


It's a cute cover, very apt for Project Spectrum, just in time!
Hmmm, wonder what exactly about your excited expression resembled a rabbit? Ears? Nose (twitching with excitement)? The mind boggles!


J'adore! C'est TROP adorable! Et je t'imagine très bien en train de bondir de joie dans ta prairie, avec ton petit tablier en vichy et les oreilles au vent ;-))


You've done a wonderful job with the applique. It looks difficult :) So you throw your arms in the air in glee and trip over the daisies when you are going to sew. That's such a sweet observation. I'm the opposite, I get all tense as I sort of need to psyche myself to build up the courage to cut up the fabric!


Wow that is one great piece of work - I wish I could sew - that looks really difficult. Lovely colours too.


As I was reading your entry I thought "gee, Francois has had a lot of pampering done lately " then I realized you were writing about your sewing machine. hehehe. Anyway, it is a great idea, my cover is also plastic (a delightful grey colour) which needs to replaced. Thank you for the great idea!


One of your son's fondest memories one day will be that sewing machine cover --- I promise. My mother has an "ancient" tin that she keeps her pins in, and, even now, I treasure it more than any other object in her house. And I used to think it was the heighth (or depth?) of tackiness!


Love the cover - it's so bright and cheery. I need to get my machine serviced - I never have in the 18 years I've owned it, so I guess it's about time! The tension has been really wonky lately.


Francoise, it is so cute! I love how you tied it into Project Spectrum too! Perhaps I should do something like this... my machine gathers a lot of dust!

Best wishes,


Very spring like and cute. Enjoy the sewing now that the machine is fixed!


Very cute and retro. I love it!


Thank you for sharing that adorable cover! The joyously frolicing bunny immediately made me smile. Love, love it! Such a wonderful applique job too.


Awww! So cute! Very nice job, and I love your colors for April.

le chat qui coud

Great blog.... i've discorer it with my cyberfriend Caro and i will come back of course!
Best regards from belgium....

Le chat qui coud


Mmmm, another person who has lots of crafting skills. Do you give lessons? It looks gorgeous and I'd take the comment as a compliment! A.x


Quelle bonne idée ! Faut que je suive ton exemple Françoise, ma machine n'en sera que plus gaie !


What a gorgeous dust cover - much, much nicer than the horrible plastic one which covers mine! You make it sound easy but I'm sure it's not. Very lovely.


Lovely! I have a rather dour white/grey plastic cover for my machine - perhaps I should take inspiration from you!

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