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April 13, 2006



I hope you get the yarn soon, yes, call JL! Sorry to hear about the shop, most of the little neighbourhood haberdashery shops here have closed down long ago. I used to just walk across the road to buy a zip or buttons, now I have to go much further.


I am so very sorry for you. Chin up!


I am so very sorry for you. Chin up!


Happy Easter for you too,

and thanks for your comment in my Knitblog. Yes, I love the books from Elisabeth von Armin and the movie is so lovely.

My best wishes, Maartje


You could also put an email out on the various groups and forums in the uk - you never know! If this doesn't work, it's well worth buying a different dye lot and gradually introducing the new yarn by alternating rows and see how it looks in daylight.


Ma pauvre!!! Ne te venge pas trop sur le chocolat quand même! c'est pas le moment d'attraper une crise de foie, en plus ;-))


Call JL - they were once years ago really helpful to me when I had a similar dilemma and found some wool of the same dyelot in a JL store the other side of London for me. If not - post a request out on the various forums out there - or on your own blog. You never know.
Sorry to read about your local crafting shop. Its such a shame when these small businesses close down. Is it the only one on the IOW? I hope not - but maybe its a business opportunity for you :))
Happy Easter to you and you family.


Allez, une bonne dose de chocolat et tout va s'arranger ! Bisous. D.


Oh Francois I am so sorry for you with all your travails. You know that I understand knitting fiascos - I still haven't had the heart to try to fix the sleeves on my stretched out Hourglass. I'll keep my fingers crossed that some way you find your yarn!

Anyhow just love that Easter post card above, where do you find all the great knitting images?

Have a Happy Easter - Eat lots of Chocolate!


Mince, et moi qui tarde à t'envoyer ce que tu attends !! Promis, ton enveloppe arrive la semaine prochaine !!!


Hi, I am new to your blog as well as to knitting. Like you I had to seek out a new wool shop and found one in rural Victoria. I am very happy to buy beautiful Australian wool.


Oh no! Try posting on the knitting boards - someone is bound to be able to help.


Ack. Sorry to hear about Joy's sleeve - if John Lewis can't help you out with more wool, you might want to post on your blog, on Craftster, or in another public forum to see if anyone has some Yorkshire Tweed in that dye lot. I've seen people do this before and were able to find the yarn they were looking for. Good luck!


I am so sorry for you Francoise with your yarn. Please let me know if I should also look here in Germany for the same dye lot. Maybe at Wolle&Design, the German distributors for Rowan, I can ask for it. So if you want, please let me know the colour and dye lot.
And stocking up the craft fabrics to a low price is always such a fun, even it is sad, that nice shops are closing.
Hope you have enjoyed the Easter Days though, we are leaving tomorrow. Have a successful week, so you could finish Joy with 2 long sleeves,

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