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April 18, 2006



Is that Hunca Munca I spy? You sound as if you'll be as busy as she looks!


I love today's photo of the mice ladies knitting by the cozy light. Somehow I don't think I look as relaxed (as they do) when I'm knitting. Hmm, yellow and orange are not colours I wear much of. It can look garish on Asian skintones, although the softer peaches and creamier yellows are possible. I'm looking forward to your bag swap project. Bags are fascinating. And my house looks like the aftermath of an explosion all the time :)


You'd better leave the housework and finish Joy before the new warm weather projects take over!


Trop choux ces petits lapins ! Bon courage pour le ménage, mais trouve-toi un peu de temps pour le plaisir des aiguilles et de la laine !


I am right there with you! I have about a thousand project queueing in my head too! Some that I have the yarn for, and others that I don't...

Best wishes, Francoise!


My girls are home for the rest of this week, and while I love having them here...I miss my space, and my knitting, and my cleanish house! Enjoy!


The bag swap looks fun and certianly something a little different. I shall look forward to following along!


Oublions ces basses besognes et OUI au tricot !

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