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April 23, 2006



C'était avec plaisir !


They're wonderful! I'm thinking of decorative pins, not practical!
I hear you about the hand made gifts, it's so different from knitting for oneself. You seem to have a few things to do now!


Gorgeous pins from Caro - and thanks for the link to her blog. It is very inspiring - and makes me wish I had kept up with my French langauge skills.


I guess it's because we don't know our swap pal well and so we are not sure about their likes and dislikes. But don't worry, everyone probably feels that way, and the most fun is in the giving. The receiving is a bonus. Those flower pins are so cute. What are they for?


How fabulous is this Marie Claire Idees? I always get tempted to buy it but don't know if I'd actually make anything from it. Any good sewing projects in this one?

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