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April 08, 2006



Humm.... Ces livres japonnais sont superbes, encore des idées, encore des envies...


Ah....this books looks great. The pictures are so wonderful.There are a lot of new ideas.


Lovely looking books - the more I see of them around the blogs the more I am tempted to go and take a look myself for some (we have a huge Japanese market and book store near to us here that stock a good selection aparantly). Maybe I should just look and leave my $$ behind the first time I go! Hope your Easter hols with the children are going well - at least the weather has improved or so I am told.


Ils ont l'air trés sympa ces modèles ! J'ai hâte de voir par quelle réalisation tu vas débuter.
Mimi aussi les boutons, un vrai bouquet printannier !


i'm so glad you are also getting some japanese craft books. they are the best, aren't they! and i love how they are so graphical, no japanese skills needed. though i'm inspired to pick up japanese again. i hope you'll make something from the book!!


I just found the Kitty-Craft website, too, and spent way too long on there this morning ogling the lovely things. Looks like you've got a ton of cute projects to make!


I've been collecting Japanese craft books since last year and they are just so pretty. Makes me think I could be very happy living in those pages with all the cutesy things. Now that you've discovered Japanese craft books, next thing is to try Japanese knitting books :)


I'm not even going to look! I know that Japanese knitting books are great, very detailed, logical diagrams.


Oh have fun with your craft books - I've just ordered a few of them as well, I can't wait until they arrive. I'm glad that you think they'll be easy enough to follow along - I was wondering if all those bloggers could read Japanese!

By the way - I would definitely recommend the Pride and Prejudice DVD - it was lovely. I have seen a few negative reviews from purists - but I just love anything Jane Austen. Mind you I was also drinking Margarita's!


Je craque complètement devant ces petits livres. Ils sont si jolis, et pleins de bonnes idées. Mais je ne craquerai pas, NON! (trop fauchée!)


I love the little cat, it is so cute! It´s so good that you like them. My books also arrived, very nice and inspiring, again so much new ideas and plans and so less time. The instructions are not as easy as I thought, although the sewing books have the patterns included. But it´s such a good feeling to have them, the pictures are brilliant and I especially love their kind of embroidery. (I really want to learn it!)
The dolls in your book are very sweet, they would be nice to have a whole familiy. Or do you know the "seasons-table" for children? With those dolls it would look gorgeous!


How is your Joy sweater coming along? I really like that pattern, I'm thinking of it for a future project. Or maybe I just want to be as thin as the model in the picture - not sure.

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