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March 13, 2006



Strangely enough, blue Poetry.


Given enough time between projects (like years) anything that I was happy with first time around, but there's not enough time! I am currently knitting the flower basket shawl, which I swear I have started several times!



I would probably knit Picovoli again :) I enjoyed it very much the first time around and it's quite a fast knit. I love Martha too and I bought yarn for it last year as a birthday treat. I just haven't gotten around to knitting it. With cotton, I understand the difficulties some people face especially after knitting with bouncy, yummy wools a lot but it's the best fiber for hot Malaysian weather so I tend to knit with this most. But there are so many nice cotton blends nowadays that it can be quite an enjoyable experience!


I don't think I have knitted anything twice yet. Life's too short and there are too many wish knits, but maybe one day I'll knit another Maggi from Rowan.


I like to knit the same pattern twice. I feel like, I get more "bang for the the buck" from those Rowan books that I love to buy. In fact, I knit Chicago twice last year. I love the Calmer yarn.


Le cardigan Valenciennes, je l'ai commencé le deuxième mais je me suis arrêté en plein milieu...

Sophie (Lille)

J'ai tricoté un des Essentiels mode de Phildar 3 fois et 1 gilet cintré Debbie Bliss 2 fois alors que j'ai horreur des répétitions mais quand on a trouvé l'accord parfait ...


I have knit Flower Basket Shawl few times, Pivocoli and Hyrna Herborgar two times. And am sure there is more on the road that need to be knit again. And again. Again.


Le "boat neck aran" de Debbie Bliss, en Cathay. J'adore le porter:la coupe, le fil...c'est si rare que je sois satisfaite de mes ouvrages que ça vaudrait peut-être la peine d'en faire un deuxième!


Anna from Rowan 25 would be my first choice. I love everything of this cardi, it´s nice, the shape and style is so lovely and the knitting was simple and for me very fast. This is a cardi I would like to have in several colours and for summer in cotton and wool for winter.
I often buy trousers or shoes I like in several colours, so why not do so with knitting? Why always looking for new instructions when the best is already in my warderobe? Your posts so often results in great ideas, - thank you.


I've knit the 'Cardigan with Bobbles' from Debbie Bliss's 'Baby Knits' book 2X. I love that sweater - even though all the bobbles are a bit of a pain. These two sweaters have been worn by 6 children so far.
Another I'd consider is the 'Hourglass' - I'm almost done with my first one, it's a simple knit (good for TV knitting). The jury is still out on that one though until I get it off the needles.
It is so hard when there are so many wonderful patterns and so little time.


Plutôt des pulls pour enfants ... un gilet à emmanchures raglan tricoté en une pièce qui est un vrai bonheur, tiré du livre de Sylvie Loussier: J'habille mon bébé. Et un pull à côtes 3/3 de Phildar (en cours).
Je vais prendre note des ouvrages cités supra ;-)


Hmmm.... this is an interesting question. I think I would knit the "Cache Coeur Bergamo" from Weekend Knitting again - it was such an interesting knit, one of the most interesting I've ever done. Ironically, it was an early project, too. In second place would be another early project (oddly enough, knit from the same yarn as the Cache Coeur) - "Salt Peanuts" (from a back issue of IK). Both were intricate and interesting, and I think I could knit them even better now that my technique's improved.


I'm on my second Flower Basket Shawl - the pattern is such a joy to work that it feels a pleasure to re-knit it. I can quite honestly say that I haven't knit a single garment that I would happily re-knit. I'd like to think that would change.


Funny you should ask! I just have decided to knit my first lace knit sweater again. I made it twenty years ago (no idea what happened to it!). I don't have the pattern, but I do have a photo of me wearing it. That should be fun!

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