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March 30, 2006



i know just what you mean! have found many good friends through the blog world :-)


I know just what you mean - I find it really hard to find others locally that have the same interests as I do. As strange as internet friendship sounds- I have made some wonderful friends through the rowan board and through reading blogs - some of whom I have even met.
A bit behind on reading recently - but just wanted to comment on a post from a week or so back re knitting something twice. Hands down for me it would be Miriam from Rowan #28. I love this cardi - I have nearly worn mine out as I wear it so much. Unfortunately the yarn has been discontinued - so I shall have to find a good sub and soon too. I am not sure there is another winter left in it!


Reading this is like hearing my own thoughts. None of my friends knit (other than the knitters I have met through online forums and blogs) Fortunately, my daughter shows an interest in knitting and sewing, although she doesn't have much time to indulge during school term time. But at least she shares in the pleasure of yarns, colours and textures and what I'm doing.


It's the same for me, people I know from work are not particularly crafty and they normally think it's weird that I knit. But I've made some wonderful friends locally and abroad and they are the ones I got to know through the internet. It's been great!


In a few months time when I'm down at Canford Cliffs lazing on the beach and gazing towards the IOW, I'll take a pair of shiny needles and you must do the same from your side, go down to the shore and we'll flash each other across the sea....that sounds so weird but you know what I mean ;) I'm not that far then!


Here, here! When I think back on how "ashamed" I was that my mother made all (and I do mean ALL) my clothes when I was a child, I discover the meaning of true shame. The craftswomanship, the love and care and hope that went into every cut, every seam. . . You cannot find that in any garment in any store.

Sophie (Lille)

C'est pour ça qu'on a créé le Tricot-thé de Lille avec Bulle: quel bonheur de passer une soirée par semaine à parler avec extase des joies du tricot en rond ou de la beauté des couleurs Noro avec des gens qui comprennent. On n'en est pas plus normales mais on en a l'impression!


It´s the same with me, I am totally alone here with handcrafting. Sometimes I even dare to mention it, I see from the faces that they think "oh my God, how boring is she and how oldfashioned?". And so I hardly can believe that on internet are so many many women, so talented and inspiring and loving and doing the same things I do and love. It´s a bit like wonderland, another dimension in where I live for some hours a day. And when I sit and knit I often think of you all, it would be so nice to have a chat in real life about all this things. And sometimes I think "isn´t it crazy, you are thinking about people you only know by internet?". But having found your blog(s) is one of the best things that happened to me, so soothing and such a joy. (And this are the things I wish I could better say in German, but I hope you understand what I am meaning!)
Thanks for getting to know you,


I feel much the same. I am lucky in that I do have a few (okay, 2) friends who knit and emboider and otherwise craft but for the most part, most people I know regard these things as a waste of time. I find it so frustrating to get at best "how quaint" attitude (often unsolicited) when people learn that I actually make things by hand and enjoy doing so. All I can say is thank goodness for the legions of knitters and crafters out there I can connect with through the web. Your blog is one such that makes me feel not quite so odd and alone among non-crafters. :)


Yes, people I know smile at me and nod their heads. I do have a few friends who can knit, but they're not grabbed by it like most of us are. One friend will usually visit and ask for needles and yarn to knit whilst she's visitign, she can't bear to sit there and watch me knitting!


I am amazingly lucky to have the Liberty Rowanettes as friends but other than that, it has to be said that I get that same glazed look. Although having knit a little grey cardigan for my nephew, my sister in law who says she loves it, can suddely see the interest...


...who politely nod with a frozen smile... I know this too. --- So when people ask, what have you been knitting lately (many of the the people around me know that I knit) it is sort of embarrassing to answer, socks mainly...


Yes, exactly. I too started my blog because no one around me knits or does crafts. I have looked at the same frozen smile and nods from people that do not get me and understand why I do and make the things I do.

It is wonderful to have the internet and be connected with so many people that share the same interests.


Well said. I started blogging precisely to make contact with other like-minded crafters. So many people just don't get it, and I don't get the people who don't get it! I feel so jealous when I see a group of women knitting together at a cafe, or going to a wool festival. I also find it very interesting how so many "traditional" crafters are also so techno-savvy.

Donna besse

I would like to know the title of the print of the girl knitting at the desk. It is so lovely and the girl reminds me of my daughter who is grown now and no longer knits.

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