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March 21, 2006



tu réveilles de vieilles envies: j'avais longtemps été obsédée par Saffron; il me fallait à tout prix le modèle,le fil, et depuis que je l'ai dans mon stock, le voilà oublié! Je suivrai tes progrès avec le plus grand intérêt! Je trouve que les anciens Rowan regorgent de magnifiques petits modèles...


We telephone ahead next time and tell them of our arrival, maybe they'll get a bit more in ;)


Le numéro 25 est un de mes préférés.

Connais tu l'entrée des fournisseurs ?


I can't help you with fabric shops at all, I don't sew. I think Polly knitted this one recently, but I don't know what she did about curling edges. Very pretty!


I love this picture of the bunnies next to their egghouse. When I was small, I would draw pictures from storybook illustrations and till today I enjoy illustrated kids books very much. Hope someone recommends a good online site - I am in need of one too.


Oh, Saffron looks so pretty with the pinks! I think blocking will help with the curling, I've used steam before and it seems to work.


If you're ever going as far as London, then The Button Queen or Angel Buttons for buttons, V V Rouleaux or Liberty's haberdashery section for ribbons, Klein's for threads and notions. But, that is, if you're ever going as far as London....

I've never tried V V Rouleaux's mail order, but you can investigate here:

Good luck!

P ;)


It´s always so disappointing when you plan to spend a lot of money on new yarns and fabrics, the shopping bags are big and carried home filled with so much pleasures, and then the shops are not well stocked. (And I have many experience in this, cause I am living in a craft-shopping-desert. So sorry for you.
But the beginning and colour of Saffron looks great. I will substitute the cotton yarn,too, this year for some summer tops, cotton is so difficulty to knit with. So your choise is a good advice for me. Steaming would be the best to prevent from curling, I have to do it with a crochetted edge and it works good and don´t disturb the stitches (what I feared before).
Enjoy your spring knitting and have a nice day,


Sorry to hear that you did not find what you were looking for, Francoise! I wish you luck in finding a place to buy the supplies!

Saffron is so pretty, and off to a beautiful start. Of course, I love those colors!

Have a wonderful day~


It is really odd sometimes, when you have the money and good intentions to buy something, anything that interests you, you are not able to find anything. Yet when there are car repairs and washing machine services to pay for, and you are a bit short on the money, you always find lots of good stuff... but now you have the pleasure to try it again!


I love both of the little cardi's you're working on. The colors for saffron are great - so lively! Thanks for your nice words about my Hourglass tragedy. Looking at your cute little fitted cardigans makes me sad all over again for my giant floppy sweater.

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