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March 27, 2006



I know only too well how distracting new projects are! Maybe now you can get on with Joy's sleeve! The weather may not be Springlike yet, but it's certainly milder, soon be leaving the coat's indoors!


Here I am wishing for snow and sleet so I can knit with yummy wools, and there you are hoping for warmer weather. Wish I could bring some Malaysian sunshine to you!


I went out lunchtime and nearly got blown off my feet. Not only that it's cold out there too isn't it?


Here the weather was beautiful, sunshine and very warm. But we have still a lot of snow, even if it is melting very quickly now. The good thing with it is, that I can continue my knitting. So many things I want to knit for summer, I would really like to cast on every day a new project. But I held in mind your words, not more than one or two projects at a time, and so I first finish my jacket.
Your sewing books look very nice, and sewing is not a third knitting item, so it´s too bad that your machine is out for service.
Have a good week,


I can understand your looking forward to spring weather, it brings all sorts of promises of change. Pretty april spectrum fabrics for new projects, sewing machine returning soon, good as new. Here it is the same old weather, so I am vicariously enjoying the anticipation of spring through reading your blog.


Would that I could send my sewing machine to you; she sits rather sadly gathering dust.

Thinking about April Spectrum projects --- good for you! I suppose I should do the same. . .


It's so hard for me to be monogamous to my knitting projects. Thankfully (for my husband) my marriage is another story!


These Danish A-P Rasmussen's books are such a joy! Hope they hurry with your sewing machine!

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