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March 17, 2006



Ok next time you come over, I'll drive up and meet you. So close to finishing the Stashalong I know I'll break it if I set one foot inside WestQuay!


Thank you so much for the link to these gorgeous books - it´s a book heaven, this will absolutely ruin my money-stash to enlarge my book-stash. So you gave me a very busy weekend with lots of decisions which ones I will order first.
And since I am knitting with instructions I also try to finish the body first to figure out the length of the sleeves (mostly they are too long for me) or for changing the body maybe, but most of the time I am too lazy for that - blame on me.
Have a nice weekend and enjoy the monday,


I'm finding that I don't want to start Spring projects just yet, what with our weather being so wintry! Hopefully in the next few weeks we'll see signs of Spring and warmer weather. Just going to look at the books now!


I sometimes skip 'round a pattern's instructions myself; it's so much more fun to knit a sleeve when you feel like knitting a sleeve.
Envy your trip to a British yarn store, which seems like it would be far more interesting than our American boxes. May you find armloads of treasure!


I don't follow all the instruction either, especially the one that says seam one shoulder, knit the neckline them seam remaining shoulder.
I'm sure you'll have lots of fun at JL and I look forward to seeing your new spring stuff.


Ooo, can't wait to see Joy once you finish! It's been on my to-knit list for ages.


Somehow I think it is good to follow your own good judgement on doing different things... I sometimes just blindly follow the pattern and then later on think that I should have put more thought into it.
Hope we get to see what you bought!

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