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February 24, 2006



Isn't that strange?! I was just taking a good look at Maggie before I came to your site! It's my favourite from the collection, too. I was just wondering whether I would be able to tackle it, or whether it would be too taxing for a novice garment knitter like me.


That magazines looks nice, too bad that I don´t speak french. And thanks for reminding me to do some goodies for my sewing machine (I fear it´s years ago when I did some drops of oil) for our start next wednesday. Everything is possible - in red and pink of course,
have a wonderful weekend


Oh, are we starting sewiknit next week? Time flies. And I could do with the octopus arms too.


I need octopus arms too! ;) I found that same link on Suzi's blog for the Hargreaves collection - love them all! This cardigan is particularly lovely. I do wish they sold the patterns instead of kits, however...

I can't wait to see what you have planned for Project Spectrum, Francoise!


Tout comme lolly, je regrette que Kim Hargreaves ne vende que des kit. J'ai une dizaine de pelotes de wool cotton que j'utiliserais bien pour faire Fay...
J'aime presque tous les nouveaux modèle qu'elle nous propose et que je viens de découvrir grâce à toi.


Rowan should take a good look at her designs and how they're presented, loads of good reports coming in. I wonder if she'll be publishing a book of her collections?



Oooh, that's one of the designs I loved the most.


Tous ces modéles sont vraiment très beau mais moi je n'arrive pas à traduire les modéles anglais en français alors c'est malheureusement pas pour moi.


Ooh, pretty cardi! I love the new collection. I wish it were cheaper to get them sent to the States. Looking forward to seeing what you'll be knitting next...


Oh, the Hirondelle is so beautiful! As is Maggie.
Wonder if the spring/summer would come faster if we'd knit faster...


I've done it. I've ordered Maggie. My first cardi. I hope it doesn't all end in tears!

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