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February 10, 2006



I missed the opening ceremony, then watched Frost and missed the lighting of the flame! But I've started something... jury's still out though, I need to knit for a few more hours. Please cheer loudly!



Me too miss Kim Hargreaves designs in Rowan mags! Joy is going to be beautiful!


I just finished Joy myself...actually just sewed the cuffs on last night. Such a beautiful sweater!!


Oh, now I am really disappointed to have missed the opening show! I am not knitting at the moment, my arms are too tired for it, but I have a lot of plans (like always). I am looking forward your new pictures of Joy, it´s such a beautiful design and I think also a pleasure to knit. (Joy in every row!) And I am also waiting for your to-do-list for spring - you are always choosing such great designs.

Dipsy D.

I also adored the "Renaissance to Baroque" part, such beautiful costumes! I'm looking forward to seeing Joy when you'v finished it - have fun knitting!

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