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February 19, 2006



Hirondelle is distracting indeed. I am looking forward to all the spring magazines, even though there are patterns from last year's magazines that I have yet to knit!


Oh my, that looks like something I would wanna knit too! Are the instructions in French?


Ohh now that's very pretty, don't distract me too;)


that's a lovely design, there are just sooo many knitting magazines out there now! I've just received (and lost in the stash) another of their magazines, Designer knits for women which is great, lots of cables!



Hirondella is charming! And thank you for advicing me to Project Spectrum, I just have joined, it´s such a brilliant idea! And you are right, it´s like preparing for a test, wondering whether anything comes into my mind.


Efectivement, ce modèle est très beau. As-tu déjà commandé le catalogue Bergère de France.


Hirondelle is such a lovely pattern. I just wonder if it's easy to translate the pattern instructions to English :)


Oooooooooh. I love that sweater! Gorgeous, gorgeous. You should totally knit that! Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) for me, my French isn't good enough to knit a pattern en francais.


that is a gorgeous sweater... just think how elegant would it be with a linen floaty skirt? (hint!!)


I found you on the web looking for Hirondelle. DO you have the pattern in English. Unfortunately French classes didn't work out for me and I also took Spanish and got them mixed up! (:


Did you ever make the Hirondelle? I have been looking for that pattern but haven't been able to find it. ):

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