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February 14, 2006



I think it is the shape of the garment that is so lovely. Stockinette is always beautiful to me! I am sure it will be splended ;)


On your picture I can see now the shape of Joy so well - it´s so nice! And thanks for the advice with purls and tweed yarn, so I can start (one day) without ripping.
Have a nice day!


Bonjour Françoise,
Mon anglais a ses limites ! Que veut dire "purl stitch" et encore "o knit in st st" (heureusement que j'achète les Rowans en France avec la traduction... En tout cas je vois bien que joy avance !


Not humble at all - Joy is going to be elegant and chic when finsihed.


It's looking lovely and there's plenty going without the purl stitch, and the tweediness of the yarn more than compensates for missing purls ;)



Comme il va être beau ton Joy... Tu me tente vraiment là !


Thanks for such a sweet mention, Francoise. And your knitting is lovely...thanks for sharing it with us :-)

P.S. I'm a fellow fan of stockinette stitch. Soothing to knit, and it produces a beautiful fabric to boot. Your Joy is going to be great!


i am a huge stocking stitch fan. you can do so much with it!

you are quite talented..don't ever underestimate yourself

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