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January 26, 2006



Hand warmers --- a most excellent use of time and spare yarn! I'm casting on a pair myself tonight!


I must try to remember this - planning. I usually just launch into it, going purely by trial and error, of course lots of error :)


I bought a book recently, that was titled 'Odd-ball knitting'. It's not bad, although I had expected more of it - it was the title that attracted me. :-)

I have so many odd balls of wool lying around - maybe at some point I will make some kind of odd-ball shawl, or maybe a one-skein wonder. Other than that, hats and mittens are always a good bet.


Oh no! Sorry about that little mix up! I think I need some hand warmers today - it is quite cold here... brr!

Hope you have a happy weekend!


Oh the times I've done that and then looked back and thought will anyone notice.....yes of course they will! Never mind, onwards and upwards.


oh, the dreaded wrong needle! I once knitted one of the fronts on a cardigan with the wrong needles - it was intarsia, small tension, and I'd sewn in the ends as I went. I had to throw it away!


gosh..can i indeed relate to your little experience. good luck with joy though, not to far now!


Il m'est aussi arrivé une fois de changer de numéro d'aiguilles par erreur en plein milieu d'un tricot !


I just found your site! I actually was looking for blogs about Bohus knitting. I have been working on a sweater for about a month.

Anyway, that is not why I am commenting. I also knitted Joy! It is so pretty. I finished it in November. It is one of my favorite sweaters!


Oh no - what a nuisance. I guess you will never make that mistake again!

gina L

All of your work is beautiful. I am sure the little set back with Joy will be out of your mind quick enough. Joy will soon be another lovely sweater on your back. I too have the wondering eye for my next project whilst knitting. I guess it is my passion for knitting that is fueling the desire for more of a good thing.
Have a great weekend!


I hate those moments when you could kick yourself. Few of us have enough knitting time as it is and losing it because of picking up the wrong needle is so so frustrating :) I can't wait to see your finished Joy. A.x

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