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January 02, 2006



Happy New Year to you too!

I also saw the new Rowan preview... and I do have to say it looks much, much better than the last one. Some of those Tribal pictures are a bit out there, but the knits themselves look lovely. Wonder if I'll get my copy anytime soon - the only thing I can't stand is how long my subscription takes to get to me!


Yippee, got to go look at it. I don't subscribe, so I'll have to wait for the lys to stock it.


You've just reminded me to renew my subscription dur in the middle of this month, thanks!


thanks for the preview, so exciting. i am going to get a copy, of course. i think rowan mag is something i'd definitely collect, regardless of whether i'll make anything from it. happy new year!


It´s absolut wonderful and now I have really to be in a hurry to finish all my things here first. I have seen much to much for my new to-do-list. Thanks for the preview!
(And what a charming picture again!)


I absolutely agree with you. After 38 we deserve something better (or maybe it's the summery yarns and patterns...)



Happy New Year, and thank you for pointing out the new Rowan Mag. It is good to be reminded that spring is on its way, although it gets up here last...

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