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January 19, 2006



I can't remember the very first one, but one of the firsts must have been mittens I had to make in school at the age of 8 or 9. For those mittens I used two colors (the other one was pink and the other I think it was grey) and there was some very simple colorwork... the pattern was close to the pattern in the sweater Miss B is wearing in my profile picture. The mittens got finished because they were a school project. And I don't have them any more, they were used up.


What a lovely post. It is so nice to remember the past of our own, to think about it and the person we once have been. So many pictures I often forget.
At school I hated knitting and sewing and all this stuff, I was really bad in it. But years later, I must have been 13,14 years, I have tried it again, and the only thing I remember is, that I had forgotten to purl on the wrong side and so wondered, that the piece didn´t looked like the usual knitted pieces. No idea anymore what I intended to knit, but I finished knitting again for some years.
Thank you so much for this post, now I will carry sweet memories of the young girl I once was around in my head while doing the housework.
Have a beautiful day,


I can't remember my very first knitted item, probably a garter stitch scarf for a doll, but we did knitting at school and I remember that, a horrible bright green square, mine had lots of dropped stitches and took ages to knit. My first garment was at 14 and was a waistcoat in an aran yarn, with a lace panel (well, yarnovers). I was the first in the family to use a pattern!



My first item was a hideous sampler stitch scarf - it was not a color that looked right on me, so I ended up giving it to my sister. I should raid her closet to try to find it again. I doubt she ever wore it. It was bad! I like th idea of framing it though - seeing how far I have come!

Great post idea, F!


My first knitted FO was a pink acrylic sweater that I still have. I wore it when I was studying in London, and I still have it.


If you don't count the needles and scrap of yarn that I learned on, my first item was a Lopi sweater. Yes, I started a mobius a few times, but after a few trips to the frog pond I figured it out. I learned to knit in college, 20+ years later I still wear that sweater.


I love this post. I don't remember my first item that I knit. However, I do remember learning to knit and getting all frustrated and throwing the whole thing across the room. I think that I was too young...maybe 6 or 7 years old or so.


My was an orange acrylic yarn lovingly knitted into a garter stitch scarf that had a few additional stitches down one side due to not getting the hang of having my yarn on the right side. I ran out of yarn before it was long enough and added some dark grey acrylic for contrast ;)
I can remember having an attractive hole on one side too, obviously my first attempt at lace knitting. Have I kept it.....er no!


A yellow garter stitch scarf for Mr Bunny. I was 6 and we lived in Aden at the time. A vivid memory.


Absolutely! A vest, with seed stitch borders. Dark brown. I kept it for the longest time, until things I began knitting for my children replaced it in sentiment.


I love this pictures and the posts are always so nice.
My first knitting was a little gnome with a red cap. I was very young maybe 6 or 7 years old


Yes, and I still own it. Haven't worn it for years, but it's languishing somewhere at the bottom of my wardrobe at home, at my parents' place.

It was a crazy-looking hat made from all sorts of scraps of left-over yarn that didn't have the same gauge - not even remotely. A good friend of mine and I decided together that it would be incredibly 'cool' if we had matching crazy hats for the skiing holiday we were going on and, without a pattern, but with a little help from my aunt, actually managed to knit a kind of father xmas hat (a long triangle with a pompom at the tip).

The whole thing was something like 40-50cm long and looked ridiculous. We still wore it for the entire skiing trip though!

I'm feeling quite nostalgic over it now. Should dig it up, maybe wear it again... although my husband may decide to lock me up if he sees me wearing it. ;-)


no... i did not keep my first FO. should have, though. but i still have the yarn of that sweater, which i may one day make a small version of it.


Je pense que mon 1ier FO a du voir le jour vers mes 6 ans. Un pull tube rouge pétard pour ma Barbie. Mais où est-il maintenant ??? Et mes Barbies ????


I clearly remember my first FO. It was a mohair hip length cardigan from a Womans Weekly pattern and it had a brightly coloured fair isle yoke. I seem to remember my Mum helping me a lot with the yoke. I wore it alot and regret now throwing it away when it went out of fashion or got ratty - I don't remember now which happened first!


My first FO was a baby blanket for my youngest daughter. And she still has it!


My first FO was a garter-stitch stole from Suss Cousins' "Hollywood Knits." It was pretty much a disaster - I added and subtracted stitches without knowing it while knitting, and so the thing was completely uneven. I can't even remember what I did with it! But hey, that's how you learn. Cool post, Francoise.


Believe it or not, it was a pink scarf, and my FATHER wore it proudly! No, I don't have it, and it was not with his things when he passed, so at some point it must have been discarded.


My first knitted item was a monster garter stitch scarf when I was about 6 or 7 years old. It was pretty much all the colours of the rainbow and the width varied widely up the length of the scarf because I couldn't keep my stitch count the same (I don't think I realised that this was necessary!). I gave it to a good friend of my mum's - a man - who wore it until it fell apart. Bless the man!


Mon premier FO ? C'était un bonnet, à faire en classe à 8 ans. Rouge-orange bien vif (années 70). A 7 ans, c'était la trousse pour appareil photo en crochet et en jaune canari ! Je l'ai gardée longtemps ...

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