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January 07, 2006



I was looking forward to get the photo of your finished Air! It is absolute beautiful, I really envy you for this great cardigan and for you marvellous work. Very very well done. Have a lot of happy hours while wearing it.


It's lovely! And looks like the type of sweater you can wear very often. Terrific job, again!


Wow! What a great start to 2006 - this just looks like it will be so wearable and practical!
Very nice!



Beautiful beautiful work, Francoise! It looks so professional. I predict you will wear this all of the time ;)


oh gorgeous. well done, it looks wonderful on you.


Quelle réussite ! Il est parfaitement à ta taille. Je suis sure que tu le porteras souvent et longtemps. Les boutons en bois vont très bien avec ce modèle. Je suis vraiment admirative car ce modèle me semble difficile à réaliser. Oui, tu es une pro !!!


Il y a du beau dans l'air... Bon il est tard je fais ce que je peux niveau blague... Bravo pour cet ouvrage Françoise. Il est superbe et te va comme un gant !


it looks absolutely gorgeous francsoise! it suits you perfectly and i can see that you are going to get much wear out of it!

well done! bravo! tres magnifique!


I love Air. It really does look great!!! Was it very difficult to knit? The pockets and everything look as if they would be hard to do.


Wow what a great start to the new year - Air looks fabulous on you. I am sure that you will get loads of wear out of it. It is so versatile.


Magnifique! Le modèle est fabuleux et la taille choisie est parfaite, bravo!

Mary-Lou Quick

It's lovely, I really like that style of little jacket, and as you say, it's a style you can wear all the time. What is the pattern please?


Il est magnifique!!!! je l'adore!!! Je veux le mêêême!!!!


Congratulations on finishing - your Air looks fantastic!! It looks fabulous on you and I love the colour. Terrific job! :-)


Well done, it looks like a great fit. Brilliant start to your 2006 wardrobe.


Oh, I was so looking forward to your Air and it's absolutely gorgeous!!! You wear it well and it fits perfectly!


So chic, looks great, I'm sure you will wear it often. Enjoy!


Oh Air looks just fabulous - well done you - I'm very jealous - she looks so cosy.


really gorgeous. so perfect for the english weather. i love, love how it turns out!!!


It's lovely!

gina L

This is the best looking sweater! My goodness, there is so much detail! I think it will be one of those 365 or 24/7 garments.


Air looks gorgeous! The colour and fit are so great - beautiful knitting. What a good start to 2006!


WOW! It came out beautifully. And you did such a great job picking up the color in your photography. It looks the same in person!


Very nice! And the kind that will be used a lot. Good start for this year!


Oooooooh! I love it! Really beautiful job. Congratulations on a gorgeous FO. Now I'm regretting that I took this cardi off my list... hmmm... maybe next fall?


What a beautiful sweater! I love it!

Miss Dottie

Wow! Just beautiful! Where did you find the pattern? I would love to add it to my knitting queue.


Gorgeous! That's been on my "to knit" list for awhile.


Air came out wonderful. Where is the pattern from? It seems very practical, but with some nice details to keep it interesting.


Your Rowan Air Cardi came out great. I like your color choice. I also knitted the Rowan "Air" I completed it and posted it on my Jan 26th post on my blog.


I am glad to see someone elses finished cardi, thanks for sharing yours.

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