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January 22, 2006



It sounds like so much fun to discuss spring knits with a friend. I'll also be in the spectator crowd, I don't knit well under pressure.


i'm with you francoise. i think knitting should be fun and putting a 16 day limit is paramount to taking all the fun away in my opinion. i'll be joining you on the sidelines.


I joined Margene's Eddie the Eagle along, you can knit whilst enjoying the Olympics without the pressure....I don't need the temptation of casting on for anything else right this minute and trust me, I would!


I will be in the crowd with you - perhaps we can sit next to each other? :)

I have plenty of items on the needles now, and I like to challenge myself at my own pace!


Just about to start the monday morning chores myself after this cup of coffee and my treat of 1/2 hour of blog reading. I am with you -I am a better spectator than competitor. Knitting under pressure is certainly not for me. But I will root for all the UK contestants - knitting wise anyway.
Enjoy your coffee/knitting morning tomorrow. Its such fun to chat with like minded friends.


I like a challenge! And being the mutiple wip person that I am, this is ideal for me!
I'll listen out for you in the crowd...


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