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January 16, 2006



Lisette and Brier are my favorites, too! Lisette is sooooo nice and Brier is simply beautiful (especially with the gloves). I want them for next autumn and planned to use darker colours, so now I am expectant what colour you are choosing! Please let me know!
Have a good time,


Didn't you have any sun on Friday? We were blessed with it all afternoon, paid for it Saturday though and today we've got blue splodges! Please do not tempt me with promises of online yarn when I'm being good. Look I've got my fingers in my ears, I'm singing loudly (lalalalahhh) and my eyes are shut ;)


Good Morning Francoise! It is dark here too...and freezing cold! I just love all three of the patterns you've shown. Can't wait to see which one you'll make. Have a great day : )


Brier is on my wish list, thanks for reminding me! It's useful to know about phildar's new site, must go and look. I usually buy the magazines online and they're much cheaper and arrive in a few days. Yarn as well, oh dear!



Those are patterns I like in Rowan 36 too. Nothing like knitting magazines to cheer me up. I have decided that magazines are not yarn, so I do not have a magazine embargo. Phew, thank goodness I can't read French, so I'm safe (for the moment) from Phildar :)


Your site has the most phenomenal artwork. It is always such a joy to click my bookmark for you. Find something extra special to make you happy during these gray days.


I've been thinking about buying Rowan 36 for ages... so many good patterns. But then again, there are already so many patterns I want to try that I should be busy with that for the next 15 years or so. ;-)


Brier and Lisette are my faves too. Brier is an interesting knit construction wise - and so elegant to wear too. No grey skies here. Its funny I miss them sometimes - that heavy, leaden grey - I remember it so well.


ROwan 36 is one of my favourites. You going to love it.


Comme j'aimerai moi aussi être sous la grisaille anglaise pour m'ensoleillé la journée avec Rowan. Ici c'est aussi la grisaille et avec les laines Phildar, ça le fait moins tout de même...


This is the only Rowan mag I own - and I love it to pieces. Great things in there - I love the same ones you do! ;)


I love Rowan 36 too and the ones you picked, especially Lisette, are my faves :)

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