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December 08, 2005



I'm sure that you'll finish the scarf (which looks pretty authentic to me) by Christmas. Love your knitting basket too!



love the scarf!! what yarns did you use?


The scarf looks magnificent! Congratulations to you AND your son for work well done.


The scarf can be a little tedious. Good luck getting through it. Great news on Christian's exam!


Never mind, just think when it's all over and cold and damp outside, there will be plenty of opportunity to sit with our feet up, watching Christmas tv, box of chocolates at our side and some wonderful knitting for company....bliss.


I can't wait to see that Gryffindor scarf finished! I want one, too :-)


Congrats on your Christian's exam results! The HP scarf looks good so far and I really look forward to see a completed Air :)

gina L

Christian congrats on working hard and passing your exam. Give your Mom a big hug and say thank you for caring! See I am a Mom in Los Angeles and I have the same scenario happening here with my son. Nagging is not fun for us, it comes along with a tremendous amount of emotional stress. I hope your Christmas will be enjoyable and not too stressful. I haven't started the Gryffindor scarf yet but I intend to. All the best.

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