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December 18, 2005



Ma maman a peu tricoté pour moi, mais elle a fait beaucoup de couture. Je me souviens de ma joie quand elle avait terminé un vêtement. Je repense aussi souvent à ces moment là quand je fais quelque chose pour ma fille.


Great scarf - its amazing what we do for our children isn't it!


Congratulations on the Gryffindor! On behalf of all parents everywhere who are still slogging through Potter-themed knitting, we are proud of your accomplishment. May your son wear it in happiness and good health.


Beautifully done, you're a sweet mother. I have the same feeling about scarves, they're deceptively simple, but take forever to knit because it gets really boring after a while :) And be glad your son does not want the tiger sweater from Zoe Mellor's Animal Knits like mine does. Talk about guilt each time he asks me about it!


He's looking very pleased with it too. I'm remembering a certain Dr Who with a long scarf and trying to knit one of my very own using Mum's oddments. I never finished it!


Well done, it looks very HPish. I'm afraid my mum would not knit a very long scarf for me, I had to knit my own!



Looks wonderful! You duty as a mum - hehe!


The scarf looks really good and it's so nice your son loves it too :-) Cute guy!


The scarf looks great, and he looks very pleased with it! :-)


What a good looking boy wearing a fabulous scarf!

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