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November 16, 2005



Je viens de regarder le modèle Air d'un peu plus près dans ton line "on my needles" et je dois dire que je le trouve superbe (forme, points utilisés). C'est un modèle qui ne doit pas être facile mais tu sembles t'en sortir à merveille. Il me tarde de le voir terminé.


ha!! so glad you are knitting socks! and, zephyr jaggerspun (can't help but to think i may have influenced your knitting directions!)

i have a skein of zephyr, i am thinking ene's shawl.


We always need more time, don't we? There are simply not enough hours in the day!

I can't wait to see those Opal socks knit up. I really like their Rainforest line.

Take care!


Glad you're all feeling better...chocolate is better than any medicine I know. Now for the recuperation....sit on sofa, make sure nice and warm, big mug of tea at side (and any chocolate if there's some left) add some sock knitting and relax. This cure may be taken freely and should last for as long as the patient requires ;)


i'm happy that your health has improved.

you'll conquer those evil socks! just you wait and see.


welcome to the sock knitting world. remember, when using 4dpns, you are really only using two; the other two hang around patiently waiting their turn! Cast onto one needle, and knit a few rows back and forth, before joining into rounds.



I was hoping to see my package during your recent mail rounds, guess we have to wait a bit more. Air looks like it's coming along beautifully, now I'm itching to try out the 4 precious balls of Calmer I have.

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