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November 29, 2005



I would love to buy or exchange for your Hip to Crocet book. Is there anything you are missing?!


I know what you mean! I managed to nearly finish a scarf off last night (a little bit of sewing to do) but my list keeps growing!



I can feel the pain. I get all jittery knowing that I'm doing a bit here and a bit there. The most I ever want hanging around is one complicated, one normal and one comfort choice. By that last bit I mean, something that doesn't tax the brain too much and of course a sock. I just don't make progress otherwise. Something has to give. You've made a wise decision grasshopper!


Que de belles résolutions !


Early NY resolutions I like them and wish I too could be strict with myself and just knit one or two projects at a time. Maybe I will try and join you in this. At least then I may actually have some finished projects to wear instead of a load of 1/2 done ones!


haha... they all sound too familiar, your resolutions. and yes, don't you know wizards are v. impatient??


Oh no! I hope knitting is not turning into a chore for you! My HP scarf went fast -- I bet the impatient wizards scarves will be quick knits too.

Take care~


Good resolution and I agree - you can't be too cautious with those wizards! ;-)

As you know, I have the same problem with starting too many projects. In the last few days it has dawned on me that there is really no way I am going to start and finish all the holiday gifts that I was planning on making so I have decided that for now I will concentrate on a maxiumum of 2 knitting projects and will forget about all those xmas gifts...


What a wise idea - focus, focus, focus. It's a nightmare when you have too many projects on the go and when you feel pressured into getting them all done - this is supposed to be fun !


I went through a phase a few months back where I started one project after another, then realised I can't cope. I'm now trying to finish them up, one at a time. I guess it all depends on the knitting mood at the time, doesn't it?


Alors pour te rassurer on peut dire que beaucoup d'ouvrages verront le jour en même temps... D'un autre côté l'idée de l'ouvrage unique sur lequel on prend plaisir à se concentrer, c'est pas mal aussi... Pour ma part je tente assez souvent la 2ième solution avant d'aller me ballader sur les blogs et de craquer aussi sec sur un nouveau tricot !

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