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November 24, 2005



ha ha... my husband has been waiting for a gryffindor scarf from me forever... i noticed that in this movie, the scarf color has changed a bit to more maroon than red. let me know what color yarns you get. i like ron's sweater in this movie more, b/w blended chunky yarn.

and yes, love the movie!!


Je crois bien être une des seules sur terre à ne pas avoir lu ou vu Harry Potter ! Il va quand même falloir que je comble cette lacune...


I want a Gryffindor scarf for myself!


I'm not doing any HP knitting, but am inundated with scarves (thought they'd be quicker than socks, ha!). I want to watch the first films again, before I see this one, can't wait!



I made my daughter a Gryffindor scarf years ago, and she gave it to a friend. Now she wants a new one, AND a Weasley sweater. (At 13, she has developed a crush on Rupert Grint.) I said fine, if I could make myself a Slythering scarf (I have a crush on Alan Rickman!) Good luck with your orders!!


Ah well, lots of time, as you said! Of course projects like that have a tendency to get postponed and postponed until there are only a few weeks left before their deadline, but it's FAR too early to worry about that now, right? ;-)

I still haven't had time to go and see the HP movie. Now that things are a bit calmer again, maybe I'll get round to it this weekend...


Have great difficulty disliking Professor Snape, when he's played by Alan Rickman ...!


Harry Potter même à mon grand âge avancé, je suis fan ! ;-)))


if you feel like making a third griffindor scarf -i'm a willing recipient ;-) hmmm - maybe we should just enrol in hogwarts together.


I saw the movie too, but my scarf was not ready in time! I finished it last night ;) Easy and fun (the HiP scarf). I thought the movie was "bloody brilliant" (as Ron would say!)

Take care~

gina L

Yes we are all on the same wave link. Even way across the pond from each other. We went to see the movie last night and the scarves became a object of desire in our family as well. Do you have any ideas for my Target yarn? I hope all is well with you I haven't been blogging due to other obligations.

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