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November 03, 2005



Ce modèle est ravissant !Je suis en train de tricoter la feuille de Caro en angora, j'adore moi aussi ce modèle, il est très élégant !


Not liking Calmer? Now that's the first! I'm the same way as you, knit knit knit get bored cast on new thing knit knit knit get bored cast on new thing... A vicious cycle, really. But I'm trying to discipline myself to only have 3 WIP at one time :-) Beautiful progress on Air!


Tu as du pain sur la planche avec tous tes projets ! Je regarde avec envie la photo du Peace shawl, j'espère un jour savoir le faire.


A friend of mine does not like Calmer either... I have never worked with it, so I can't say :) But, I love the way Air is working up. What a pretty knit!


Looks like you have some lovely projects coming up! Do you happen to know the name of the book your picture of the bear and mice from last post came from? My mom and I used to read those when I was little but neither of us can remember the names!


Air in Calmer in the Khaki colourway is going to look fabulous. Love the little Leaf scarf pattern - it will look lovely in felted tweed. My poor Bianca is stalled too - I am enjoying making little things right now (scarves, flowers etc) but really must pick her up again soon. Enjoy your weekend:)


all of those new projects look delightful. you have exceptional taste! i can't imagine anyone not liking calmer...very strange.


Qir is looking great! I'm knitting the Whisper in Calmer Khaki as well and have a heck of a time photographing it so the color shows up properly. It's pretty color in person, so I know exactly how yours looks.


You'll have difficulty sticking to your two wips! And will have no difficulty with the Peace Shawl. Have you seen the neck scarf in the lastest issue of Knitty, that's a nice pattern as well.


Hey, cool! I'm going to start Air soon as well... in Calmer (natch) - a pretty green color. Yours is looking lovely.

Esther Bourgault

Hi ,
It's not usual for me to write in English but I'll try to do it all right...
I choose to put your blog in my favorite because of the pictures, so lovely , reminding me a happy birthday card , as this one with the girl and and the plants or the other in the precedent subject with the big bear and the little mouse...Those story books have been very appreciated by my grown-up girls some years before (I could find them in French at the local library...)
Wishing a long life to your charming blog !
p.s. excuse the possible syntax errors in the sentences... reading English is not a problem but having to find the right word...something else !

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