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October 10, 2005



It does spur you on to knit as part of a group I think. I've done a few this year and don't worry about lagging behind. Nobody minds.


I'm all for encouraging you to work on five projects at a time! I'm glad that you're enjoying the shawl pattern; just persevere with the long rows and it will be finished in no time.
I'm all for kals. They motivate me! And keep me on track!



Décidément j'ai de plus en plus de mal à résister à la tentation de COLCHIQUE. Le fait de n'avoir QUE 2 bras, et des journées QUE de 24 heures m'aide pour l'instant à être raisonnable! On se fera un knit-along dans 2 ans!!!


i have cut down my WIP list lately, but it will grow long before i realized it i'm sure! that sweater is cute!


if in two years you still want to knit that phildar sweater...give me a hoy....you never know i might be finished my current wips by then! and if so i would definitely be interested.

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