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October 16, 2005



Your FBS is gorgeous and the blue you used is beautiful! I'm sure your MIL will love it... which reminds me, I kinda promised my MIL one too. Heheheh...


wow, the shawl is lovely, seems like a quick knit, too!!


Ther is little doubt that she will love it--not only is it gorgeous, but you put so much into it. Beautiful work!

gina L

Francoise, You work is beautiful! Your mother in law is a lucky woman! All the best, gina


Wow, Francoise, that is beautiful! I love the color you chose. Your mom-in-law will love it.


It looks fantastic - your MIL is very lucky indeed! :)



She'll love it I'm sure, well done on your first attempt.


FBS is fantastic, yet another temptation for me, I love this pattern. You MIL is very lucky. One question - who will wash and block the shawl ;) I have only ever made fairly plain shawls for my MIL because she just won't do blocking!



Francoise, it is gorgeous!! What a lovely, lovely gift - so very special. I am sure your mother in law will adore it!


Ton FBS est splendide. Alors est-ce si difficile que j'image ? Ma seule expérience de dentelle est la bande de Valenciennes et je trouve ça trop compliqué pour le faire à grande échelle.


Bravo : il est très beau.
Je suis sure qu'il lui plaira !


What a wonderful gift for your Mother-in-Law. When will you give it to her? Let us know how she likes it.


Wow that was quick - didn't you only get the wool last week!? Seriously though - it is a beautiful shawl and such a lovely colour. Lucky mother-in-law I say. Do let us know how she likes it.


As-tu vu que tu étais "le blog du mois" dans le rond des sorcières ?


I love your FBS! I had chosen it as my first lace shawl project. Do you have any tips for when I finally have a few hours to sit down and get cracking?


Il vraiment trèèèès joli ton Flower ! Je suis certaine que tu vas faire une heureuse.


It's beautiful in blue, Francoise! I'm sure mother-in-law will love it. It was my first lace project as well.


Your flower basket shawl is gorgeous. I can't believe it was your first lace project! Lookin' good.

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