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October 05, 2005



I'm curious to see what you knit with the laceweight yarn and I'm also looking forward to seeing some pictures of your Valenciennes cardi with the new GGH yarn!

As for A Gathering of Lace - that book has been on my Amazon to-buy list for ages, but I never seem to get round to finally ordering it. It will be interesting to hear what you think of it.



i just bought a received a gathering of lace from amazon. there is a particular shawl in there that i just have to make oneday. i don't think it will be this side of labour day (which is the second monday in march for us) - but the theory is there. i just now need to get some of these exsisting wips completed.


Super un FbS, pour Gathering of Lace tu ne seras pas déçue !


That's still on my list of "one day I will knit" You'll love Gathering of Lace, lots to think about in there.


wow, another flower basket shawl in the making!! such a popular pattern. i'm curious to see how you like "gathering of lace". i'm not a shawl person, but i don't mind making one for special occasions...


Mince !! je viens de vérifier les explications que je t'avais envoyées ,il me semblait avoir corrigé les erreurs. Et je vois que si j'ai bien rectifié le 7ème rang (en supprimant un jeté), je n'avais plus en tête qu'il fallait faire 1 ( et non 2)mailles endroit après le surjet simple du 5ème rang.
Je vois aussi que pour les manches j'ai monté 48m (taille 38) au lieu de 54 comme indiqué mais je ne sais plus trop pourquoi ... Comme il faudra bien que je fasse les manches de mon cardigan 2 je te tiendrai au courant.
J'espère que cette fois tu vas t'en sortir car je m'en veux un peu d'avoir oublié de noter les modifications...
Tiens moi au courant !


I can't wait to see your flower basket shawl, and what you think of heirloom knitting's merino wool. Three projects...



Sorry to hear that you are not getting on with KSH. Have you tried using bamboo needles? The addi bamboo needles are the only ones that work for me with this yarn. I am looking forward to seeing your Flower Basket Shawl. It is such a beautiful pattern and looks stunning when finished. I am quite tempted to have a go myself - although I seem to be knitting nothing but River right now - it too is beautiful when finished.


J'ai acheté de la laine à dentelle chez Heirloom Knitting, pour ENE's scarf. Pour le moment je n'ai pas encore vraiment tricoté avec (juste monté les mailles) mais la laine est superbe. J'ai hâte de voir le début de ton châle... et de tous ceux que tu vas faire d'après "a gathering of lace"


Oh, I love the Flower Basket shawl. Can't wait to see that one work up :)

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