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September 18, 2005



happy shopping! Now Jill is having fun with the new Louisa Harding books and yarns, and JL might stock them. Worth checking out! I saw several of her yarns (can't remember the names, a Sari Ribbon, some mohair ribbon and another luscious yarn) and they were well priced, something like £3.95 a ball and very nice stuff. Compare to some of Rowan's overpriced and overrated stuff...



Hope you've got the ferry company on standby for extra cargo!


Have a lovely time tomorrow! How exciting! ;)


Don' forget to buy some laceweight... for a wool shawl, you hear? Methinks a Flower Basket Shawl would be a good idea! :-)


Jeudi sympa en perspective!!!
Et... non, tu n'est pas une alien... Tu es juste super-branchée (et donc TRES en avance sur ton temps).
Tu peux signaler à tous les obscurantistes que Sharon stone, Uma Thurman, Julia Roberts ou Kate Hudson, pour ne citer qu'elles sont des tricot-addicts notoires!!!! cqfd : tricoter c'est SEXY!


Have a lovely day out. I shall look forward to reading all about your purchases.


Have a fun day buying wool, no-one here understands the excitement in yarn shopping either!


I can't wait to see what you buy. I'm on a serious yarn diet, so I'll have to live vicariously through you. :\

gina L

What is John Lewis? I am out of the loop? I have never been to Southampton. Is this in the UK? or the Hamptons in the USA?
I am in Southern California and it all feels so close. I hope your day was lovely and I look forward to your report.

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