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September 13, 2005



i really want to get the vintage style, too. it seems like something worth keeping!


Oh what a nuisance that the first book wasn't to your liking - it's such a shame when that happens. I was in my LYS store yesterday and they had a copy of the new Rowan book which is called something like Knits for Real Women - can't remember exactly - I had thought that I would love to get a copy of it to do stuff for my Mum, but it was dreadful - I'm so glad I got to look at it first, I would have been so disappointed otherwise - could you not return the book somehow ?


Offer it for sale, there might be someone who's after a copy. I love the colour of that Loisa Harding jacket, the electric blue one. I so nearly bought the book today, but decided that certain "things" must be finished first;) Bah!!!


Quel dommage que le Rowan woman ne te plaise pas. ON n'est jamais à l'abri d'un déception quand on commande un livre sans avoir pu le feuilleter. J'aime aussi beaucoup "vintage style". Mais quel est le titre du dernier livre que tu présente ? J'aime beaucoup le petit pull rayé dans les tons bleu.
Et valenciennes ?


I just bought the Loisa Harding book and some of the Impressions yarn for the Marguerite sweater. The yarn is really pretty and rather light. I am using the shade called Pink Mix and Lilac for the little flowers.


i love vintage style! and i can highly recommend salina as a pattern. it has fast become one of my favourite jumpers.

gina L

Francoise, Thank you for your kind words. I love the vintage stylebook too. There are so many wonderful designs. You have lovely taste. Unfortunately, I think many are too advanced for me. I think I will have to pick something on the easier side and take a class to guide me through it.


The same 2 from Louis Harding caught my eye, actually. I'll have to start looking for that book. She has a really elegant style.


Vintage Style has been on my list for a long time. I have flipped through it several times before and just adored it.


Tout comme toi je suis une fan de "Vintage style". Je ne me lasse pas de cet ouvrage où chaque modèle est à tomber !


Comme toi, j'adoooore Vintage Style (dont je suis en train de tricoter un modèle), qui est mon premier ROWAN.
Et, d'après les extraitsque j'ai pu voir, Classic Woman ne m'inspire pas spécialement. Mais peut-être pourrais-tu le revendre, non?


I have to say that I am "glad" that you feel that way about the RY Classic books. I bought all of them and then promptly took them all back to the shop as I was so disappointed. I hate it when I don't like knitting stuff, it just feels wrong. And taking knitting books back, I didn't even think that was possible.


Sadly, those new Rowan Classic ones are not very good. Vintage Style is lovely, I agree that it's wonderful.

Louisa harding books are nice. The yarns are not too my taste (too much varigation), but the shapes are good and it is very inspiring.

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