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September 21, 2005



apart from you kids losing at soccer last night this is a great post. there is so much i want to comment on!

firstly - i think your stitches will even out when using the denim and yes! that book is FANTASTIC!! i have the yarn sitting there for raspy...i really must start it soon.

Yorkshire Tweed! how lush. i have been dying to knit with some of that.

stay true to the cardi i know you can do it....

only half of what i wanted to say -but my comment is going to be longer than your post if i dont stop now! xx


Well done on not sinking Red Funnel! I watched the coastguard fly over last night but he was heading in the other direction so I knew you were ok ;)
Have no fears about your stitches and cotton, it'll be fine you have my word.


J'aime beaucoup la Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4ply. Je pense que je ne resisterai pas à me faire un petit pull avec ce fil cet hiver.
Je vois que Valenciennes te cause bien des soucis, tu as raison de faire une petite pause. Quand tu t'y remettra essaie à nouveau de relever les mailles depuis la bande, c'est fastidieux mais tellement joli une fois fini. Mais au fait que veut dire "frogging" je vois ce mot un peu partout sur les blogs anglophone et même français ("frogger") sans comprendre !


My sons play hockey and last week one of their teams lost 10/zero! Its tough to watch isn't it? Looking forward to hearing your plans for the Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply and the merino DK. They are both lovely yarns. If you have not yet knitted with denim you should give it a try. Its one of my all time favorites to wear although to be honest not to knit.I find it a bit of a challenge but the results are so worth it.


guess what? i bought a copy of rowan38 and i found that so many patterns in there call for YT 4ply. so, i'm excited to see how you like them!

and denim people is also on my wanted list. but i am going to get the vintage style first!!

you will learn to like KSH, it is a finicky yarn! hope to see your finished bianca soon!!

gina L

Hi- What color did you want in Rowan Calmer? I have some that I bought on sale and I don't have plans for it. By chance.... I thought I would offer. The color I have is a light blue and is called "calmer" as well. I do really love this yarn I am using it to make "Tempting" from Knitty.com in the peacock color way. Everything else you bought looks lovely.


Awww, I hope your children aren't too disappointed that they lost... It does really remind me of the one season of basketball though, when I went to every single game that my then boyfriend's team played in our hometown and they lost all of them, exept the one game I wasn't able to go to. What more can I say! ;-)

Also, hmmm, Yorkshire Tweed and Debbie Bliss Merino. Delicious! :) Do you know when the John Lewis yarn sale starts? Or is it already happening?!


Too bad about the football match and the hard times with KSH. You did get some goodies though! I love the looks of that Yorkshire Tweed, and that book has been on my wishlist forever... I think I should just break down and buy it once and for all!

Take care~


aah, what a downer! 6-1! They'll have to put in a bit more practise!

Scarf and gloves? I've knitted gloves with the Yorkshire tweed (well 1 glove, need to pick that up again!).
Pity about your ksh experience, but a break works wonders. I'm doing that with Martha, I think. Just remember to mark the pattern with size and needle size before you put it away! I've ruined an intarsia Rowan from the eighties by knitting one half with smaller needles...


gina L

Francoise- Thank you for your birthday wishes for Chicky.
The Berkshire Sweater for my 15 year old son- is from Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falik. Photos on my blog. The yarn is Malbrigo Merino worsted size 8 needles. I am crazy about this yarn. It is so soft and cozy! www.yarn.com.

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