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September 25, 2005



aahhh, what a sweet photo! I had longer hair, but my mum used to plait it and then tie the plaits together on top of my head. Plus the short fringe!


gina L

How wonderfully resourceful your Mum was! Thank you for sharing that story, it is truly endearing. I have never thought about the concept of recycling the yarn through a family. I sure it was common but I never thought of it! It must have been very good quality wool! I love the idea of stripes for a change with the "new wool." We are so spoiled by all the resources we have at our fingertips today. There is so much to learn from past generations. How will our children's generation learn such character? I better get busy with that. eeeks! Where in France are you from? My daughter has had “Bear” since infancy, so your Nounours has a place in my heart.

gina L

I hope you don't mind- I referenced your wonderful story in my post tonight. I hope it is okay. -gina l


Now that is a good case of recycling. Mum would never reuse but my little sister used to have everything for twice as long as me..by that I mean, my mum would knit identical garments but we weren't given them until both had been finished. As soon as I grew out of mine, my sister would "inherit" my larger size. Mum in the meantime, had been busy knitting the next couple of things. The size my sister had outgrown would be sent to my cousins in Canada who were a couple of years younger again. These would go through the same process as over here. Heaven only knows what these things were made of, they had so much use.


my mum recycled yarn for everything...and actually still does to some degree. however, since she was a dressmakers some of my most vivid memories were of her adjusting my dresses and skirts so that would last longer. i was a skinny slip of a thing back then and often grew too tall before i grew too wide. a frill was added the sleeves were turned into short sleeves and voilá a new dress! i can't tell you how many jumpers i wore that came from recycled yarn. you have just helped me take a trip down memory lane.


thanks for sharing. i remembered my mum told me that my grandma was a great seamstress... back then, doing craft was really to save money! how interesting things have evolved.


That is such a sweet picture of you! How very resourceful your mother was. I do unravel yarn from old sweaters, but I have not yet knit anything with the yarn. Like you said, it is not quite the necessity that it once was. Thank you for sharing such an interesting part of your personal history!



A friend of mine at Knitting Hill (my local knitting group) buys good quality jumpers from charity shops and "reclaims" the yarn. It's very economical!


Ma mère tricotait des pulls identiques aux miens pour ma "grande" poupée, des brassières et chaussons pour les autres.
Et je me souviens d'un kilt écossais, d'une bonne marque, que j'ai commencé à porter long jusqu'à mi-mollets et fini en mini... heureusement, entre-temps la mode avait suivi le mouvement!
C'était une autre époque...


Thanks for the memories - and lovely picture by the way. I have clear memories of going to my Grandmothers house at the seaside and spending a good deal of time on those all too frequent rainy days helping her pull back, steam and re-ball old sweaters. Funnilly enough though I can't ever remember her knitting anything - just the pulling back. My Mum sometimes would do it too - but recently I find myself drawn to this idea of pulling back and re-using old or more accurately sweaters that I no longer wear for various reasons. Apart from one sucessful re-knit I haven't actually done anything aside from prepare the yarn for future use. To be honest I have so much I could almost open a yarn store with it all!!


Qu'est ce tu es mignonne, je crois qu'on avait le même coiffeur et le même styliste !

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