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September 29, 2005



That's wonderful progress on Bianca... I didn't realise this pattern had beads :-) Very pretty! You should really try lace, imagine having a cosy, lacy shawl wrapped around yourself whilst sitting in front of the fireplace. Nice!


It is chilly isn't it? I looked out the window this morning and just thought yuck. I'm staying in, nice and warm with a large pot of coffee and an audiobook whilst I keep my hands occupied with something snuggly ;) Now go get out the lace.


bianca looks beautiful!!

i love lace knitting, it is really not as difficult as it seems. as for yarn, if you want to stay away from mohair, you can give this yarn a try: zephyr wool-silk. i have never tried it but have heard many good things about this yarn. i believe it is the yarn used for the paisley shawl in IK spring this year.


Laceweight is really fine; you may want to drop by your LYS and just finger their stock there. If they have some samples ask if you can knit with it in the store and see if you like the feel. My FBS was made with laceweight yarn doubled, and actually having that experience behind me prepared me for KSH.

We've all read that Knitpicks yarn is fabulous and cheap, so if you do decide to go for laceweight, why not go there?

Hope that helps!

gina L

Hello Francoise,
I envy your season change and your location. I love England! We wanted to plan a trip soon. An American friend who lives in London says that we should wait. The sterling rate to the US dollar is painful to freely spend and enjoy a vacation.
On that note I bet you could get quite a value buying yarn in the states. I love this handpaintedyarn.com ~ Serendipity in South America ~ is the seller name on ebay. I have heard that the lace yarn is wonderful! If you are interested buy only the 100% merino wool.
On eBay this is their current listing for merino lace wool.


Bianca's looking good! Isn't the basket shawl a pattern that can be knitted in different weights and different sizes?
I won't recommend a yarn, but would say go for a yarn that you like to knit with and would want in a shawl (stating the obvious!) rather than just because it's your first shawl. For an easier experience, maybe wool or wool/silk rather than something smooth and inelastic (like cotton) or over fuzzy (like kid silk haze). Variegated yarns are great, but they do hide the lace pattern, so I'd go for a solid. If you don't mind ordering abroad, I'd highly recommend Blackberry ridge woollen mill. Solid colours, great yarn.


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