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September 07, 2005



KSH is so light, but the mohair content makes it so warm! I am working on that camisole in KSH and it gets quite hot in my lap :) I really like that Dewberry color!


Que 2 ouvrages à la fois, je devrai te copier plus souvent ! Ton Valenciennes va être superbe, la couleur est très belle.


Tout à l'air de bien se passer pour Valenciennes. De mon côté je n'ai pas touché les aiguilles depuis 15 j, même plus je crois, manque de temps, petits problèmes à régler, je suis ailleurs en ce moment...


Welcome home - glad to hear that your holiday was fun. Love the KSH cardi - it will be gorgeous when finished. Know what you mean about Rowan Yarns and the knots. The problem seems to be getting worse - obviously the quality control isn't what it used to be. I haven't started Bianca yet -but think after Martha and all the knots in the 4-ply I found I will rewind each ball before I start so I know exactly how many I am dealing with.


That cardy is gorgeous! Only 3 balls of KSH too, for this time of year I would say it's the perfect little coverup.


that cardi is just gorgeous!!! i cannot wait to see how it turns out....beautiful!


I LOVE that cardigan. Just beautiful. almost enough to make me try my hand at lace one more time and brush up on my French.


Woo hoo! Vive KSH. Isn't it like crack? I love the stuff.


Valenciennes sera ravissant dans cette couleur. Il me tarde de le voir fini !
A bientôt


It will be beautiful. Having just finished Kiri, I can tell you that your cardigan will be light and delicate! Can't wait to see the progress! I'm another one who gets annoyed with knots, but apparantly there is an acceptable amount allowed in each ball! (Don't know how many knots, but it's more than a couple!)



Très jolie cette dentelle !
J'adore la KSH dans cette couleur.


it's going to be a lovely cardi!! can't wait to see more of your progress.

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