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August 16, 2005



I'm so jealous - have you got room for a littish one in your suitcase - I neeeeeeed some sun - oh we'd have to take Jacob as well - you didn't need any clothes did you ?!

Bianca is looking delightful - you are making good progress.

I hope you have a lovely time away and really relax - see you when you get back.


Of course I meant "littleish" - I should read my posts before I publish them !


so jealous - wish i could get away this year! have a wonderful time - bianca is going to be stunning i think.


Greek island? moussaka? wow, am I jealous! it sounds like a wonderful vacation, and I hope to see pictures when you are back in September! ;) Have a lovely time!


greek island! i'm jealous, too. sounds too exotic and way fun! have a fabulous time!

i love the bianca. looks beautiful.


Have a great time!


Have a lovely holiday - your Greek island sounds fantastic!


Have a wonderful holiday. I'm a bit anxious for you as I don't think you've got enough knitting packed! As far as I'm concerned, resting is synonymous with knitting!

Your sleeve looks fabulous, btw, it's growing fast!



Bianca's sleeve looks wonderful. Maybe I should try that pattern. I love working with beads and it doesn't look like there are too many. It reminds me of a Winter version of Chicago.


I hope you will have wonderfull holidays! A greek island sounds great! I also LOVE your Chicago, and will follow your advice, not be scared by the 53 flowers ;-)


Have a wonderful rest and enjoy all that sunshine.


J'aime beaucoup ton blog, bienvenue dans le Rond de Sorcières: http://abracadabra.canalblog.com


Enjoy your holiday with the kids... Sunshine, I remember, we used to have some of that in this country!


Enjoy your vacation!


I love your Bianca so much that I just had to order some yarn for it.... I had to order from the UK because I couldn't find the correct colors and beads here. Who knows how much I paid for shipping. I would order from the moon if they had what I needed. What size needles are you on? I like to have everything all ready when the package arrives.

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