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August 14, 2005



That's a shame, I was looking forward to seeing a real one of those! Oh well, I'm sure Bianca will be a stunner. Are you sure it won't be too hot to have in your lap over there?


Oh no what a shame - cotton can be difficult to knit with - but maybe when you've got more time, you could give it another go - it does look lovely when it's done.

Have fun with Bianca - where are you going on holiday ? somewhere exotic ?


oh dear!
Now are you absolutely sure that you want to rip this out?
1) wash it thoroughly, then press it - the sts might even out dramatically.
2) try knitting a tension square on smaller needles - and wash it!

You say yoour sts are uneven - in which way? are the rows very obvious? you could try using a different sized needle for the purl rows.

what a pity if these don't help you! I'm sure that a good wash might remedy the problem though!



I find that I have a hard time with cotton too. I think, that it hurts my back because the yarn tends to pull on the needles. Sometimes, if I change the type of needle that I am using it helps.


Oh no, cotton glace is my favourite yarn. Maybe we should knit for each other as I am less than keen on the wool yarns... Cotton I love. How funny that we do the same craft but need different fibers.

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