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August 08, 2005



I love your Chicago. I knit that sweater two times, once in pink and once in purple, but I never added the flowers. I just love the flowers on yours. I am going to have to try them.


wow!! chicago turns out so beautifully. just like the magazine... you did a perfect job. wonderful fit, too.


chicago looks fantastic on you francoise! and delphine is a stellar photographer...even in her pjamas!


Wow! I think that's possibly the prettiest cardi I've seen in a long time. Well done on choosing such cool colours, it really looks great!


Chicago looks fabulous - I love the colours. Enjoy wearing her!


chicago looks wonderful on you - congratulations on a great FO!


Chicago looks beautiful - the flowers are perfect (good colour coordination with the t-shirt too!).


Wow - Chicago looks fantastic - well done for making it to the end of the project - it was certainly worth it - it suits you really well.


it looks fabulous. Each time I see this design on someone I think how wonderful it is. Dressy, feminine and just a bit whimsical. Yes, the flowers are fiddly and are extra work but the end product makes it worthwhile


Chicago is just beautiful - well done!


CHICAGO est... à tomber!!!! Quel travail, mais quel résultat magnifique!


Chicago is just beautiful, Francoise! It was on my wish list, but may be on hold now that the Autumn magazines are out. I can just imagine how delicious it is to wear!


That is SO CUTE. I liked that cardi in the mag but I love it on your blog.

Felicia from sweetgeorgia

agh! that's fabulous! I wanted to knit this sweater when I first saw it but never got around to it. Your's looks great!!!


Wow! It came out fantastic. I love the colors.


I wasn't convinced by the pattern in the book or even by the one they had on the Mannequin in Libertys but it's actually lovely. And calmer is such a nice yarn to wear. Delphine makes a great photographer, do you hire her out?


Wonderful job, Francoise! It's super cute and is obviously really well made. I'm glad you got to take her shopping, too. I'm also looking forward to your Bianca - I love that pattern thought I'm not sure I'll make it as I've already got a few small-gauge projects coming up.... have fun!


That Chicago cardigan is just smashing, Francoise! I love the eyelets and the added flowers. You did an amazing job on it. Wear it with great pride ;)

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