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August 11, 2005



BIANCA, je l'ai repéré aussi... mais tricoter avec des perles m'effraie un peu...
Et j'aime beaucoup le rose dela camisole. Quelle idée de supprimer une aussi jolie couleur!!!!


I love both of your new projects. The Glee colourway is perfect for the camisole - very vintage-looking! Bianca is a lovely design - on my list of future must-knits but I have to agree that the 4ply Soft takes some knitting up! Lovely yarn though.


love the new projects... you may be the one whose going to convince me a rowan38! i love that cardi!!


Oh how exciting - two new projects on the go at one time - I love them both - although I'd agree the camisole seems to be the better holiday option.


4 ply soft is delightful to knit with. So soft and springy and forgiving. Bianca is very pretty. I didn;t much like 38, but if I had to chose a design Bianca would be my favourite.


J'aime beaucoup le modèle bianca. Courage, même si la laine est fine !


Chicago est superbe !! Bravo ! Oui, vraiment c'est un beau modèle. J'aime sa forme et toutes ses petites fleurs sont si gaies...j'adore.
je vois que tu as déjà de nouveaux tricots en cours. Il me tarde d'avoir le Rowan 38 entre les mains pour me laisser tenter...


Bianca est TRES joli ! J'aime beaucoup les couleurs que tu as choisies. Bon courage... entre les perles et le fil fin ! Mais je suis persuadée que le résultat sera splendide.
A bientôt


Bianca's looking lovely!


I think they're both beautiful projects. You could do anything with Glee. What about a pastel green?


I love Bianca too -I have just ordered the yarn in the same colourway as the book. I have not knitted with 4-ply soft before - so I shall look forward to knitting along with you so to speak.


both are beautiful! I think that you ought to take the one which is easier to pick up and put down for your holidays.



Bianca looks lovely. Don't worry about 4ply seemingly taking forever to knit. I find that I can get into a really good rhythmn with finers and no doubt you too will soon be flying along.


I think that I am going to order the yarn for Bianca today.....maybe the same colorway as the book and a Hot Pink one too. I have to order some Tweed yarn that they cannot seem to locate here in the States so I think that I will get the Bianca yarn at the same time.

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