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July 02, 2005



i love that cardi...it is goind to look just gorgeous. to order your phildar - try this website... http://www.breiweb.nl/index.html


wow, fast knitting! My summer tweed (glint) is going slowly, I so dislike working with Summer Tweed.
There's a lady in Scotland who sells the phildar. You have to ring and order. I can't see this yarn on her website shade cards, but that doesn't mean she doesn't sell it.



That summer tweed is 'squeaky' to knit with, isn't it? It makes a nice fabric though. Dawn has beaten me to the punch with the UK Phildar link - I'm not aware of anyone else that sells it here.


I really love knitting with the Summer Tweed, but I found that I did not enjoy sewing it togeather for some reason. Maybe it's because it feels as if the needle is pulling and catching on the stitches.

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