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June 23, 2005



Loll is my favourite too as for the Summer Tweed book, I think we must have the same taste, that would be my choice too.


I know exactly what you mean, I'm the same. Always thinking about the next (5 or 6) things that I could make, before I'm even half-way through one project...

It's not our fault, it's all those lovely patterns out there!! ;-)

Btw, I love the sweater you have picked out for the Summer Tweed.


I really like the calmer book - some great designs in there. I agree with you about the Summer Tweed - wonder if there are some new patterns in the offing, aren't there some new colours around?


J'ai réalisé "Chamomile" en summer tweed tout en changeant un peu le modèle. J'ai eu besoin d'une pelote de plus que prévu, est-ce du au changement ? Je ne sais pas. Moi aussi, je tricote toujours en pensant aux prochains ouvrages sur mes aiguilles !


So many patterns, so little time to knit... Each year, the number of patterns I knit is about a third of the number of patterns I wish I had time to knit :)


I want to know how on earth you manage to keep the numbers down to just four? I have a dozen new projects doing the rounds of my imagination at any one time!
If you don't like any of the summer tweed designs, what about knitting a one skein wonder from glampyre?


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